incident management remediation and resilience

Shielding you from repeated security attacks

Forecheck is an automated incident management, remediation, and resilience platform built for ingesting incidents from your security provider.

Forecheck Cycle

Orchestrating Your Security Incidents

Accelerate incident automation and integration with your current security stack.

Decrease Time to Action

Forecheck automatically:

  • check
    Learns from each reported security incident
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    Implements strategies to create resilience and reduce future containment and remediation times
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    Shields clients from repeated attacks
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    Runs your incidents into the ground

From Cyber Vulnerable to
Cyber Resilient

Forecheck delivers long term cyber resiliency information that can be implemented by your internal IT teams, service provider, or by Forecheck.

How Forecheck Works

Learn more about how Forecheck supports each part of your incident lifecycle by hovering over the graphic below.

Your security provider detects the incident and reports it to us.
Your security provider leads the forensic effort and provides all necessary information to Forecheck.
Forecheck connects to your security stack and performs automated containment across on-prem, endpoints, accounts, and cloud.
Forecheck provides contextual resilience recommendations to prevent the incident from happening again.
Forecheck assists your team in performing remediation. Providing clear instructions on when to reimage and when to sanitize without reimaging.

Outside Security Providers We Connect With

we map resiliencies to popular solutions

Our resiliencies library is continuing to grow and change. Reach out if you do not see your solution listed.


Is Forecheck right for me?

Is your company ready to get serious about your cyber security?

What is Forecheck?
Forecheck is a platform that operationalizes and automates incidents generated from outside security providers—allowing full incident life cycle management from detection to remediation to resilience. Our process shields our clients from repeated attacks and is built for ingesting incidents from your security provider.
What is Forecheck’s process?
The process starts with an incident being generated by a security partner. The incident is ingested into the Forecheck platform via API or email, an automated workflow kicks off to immediately contain and act on the reported incident (including enriching or gathering additional facts). An Incident Handler immediately begins to engage the incident to ensure the attack is contained and begins the client’s prescribed remediation process. The incident handler may also expand the scope of the investigation if needed and validate the incident if it’s inconclusive.

Finally, the incident goes into the resilience queue to be triaged and closed at the security partner.

After this process is complete, Forecheck platform determines the relevant resilience to be mapped to the incident. If no appropriate resilience exists, Forecheck will work to generate a new recommend instruction.

At the end, the client may choose to apply the resilience.
Can I get Forecheck just for incident resilience? Without orchestration, containment, and remediation?
Yes! Forecheck can be configured to only provide resilience information for incidents and access to our library.
What is cyber resilience?
Cyber resilience is the ability to anticipate, withstand, recover from, and adapt to adverse conditions, stresses, attacks, or compromises on cyber resources. Resilience is the proactive changes we suggest or perform for the clients based on the contextual understanding of existing or new incidents. For resiliency, we think in terms of vaccines and treatments and automatically map them for delivery.
I don't have a security provider. Can I still buy Forecheck?
Yes, Forecheck can bundle services with a managed detection and response (MDR) Provider to supply full incident management
Can Forecheck work with my existing provider or Internal SOC?
At this time our partners are limited to eSentire and Red Canary. However, we are always looking to expand our partnerships. If you have a security provider you feel we should integrate with let us know!
Forecheck provides a library of resiliencies that can be applied by our clients or by their security service provider.

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